Friday, June 26, 2020

Safe Studio Policy June 2020

Marie Guthrie
Safe Studio Policy

Thank you for joining/considering my studio for the very best music education for your child.  I have been certified in the “Safe Studio” procedures and am dedicated to providing a fun, healthy and safe learning environment for all students.  To ensure sanitary conditions, I will be implementing the following precautionary measures in my studio this fall:

·         All Students or Parents who are sick or who have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19 should not attend class.

·         All students will thoroughly wash hands/use provided hand sanitizer before entering studio.

·         Individual sets of instruments and other teaching aids will be provided for each student for use during class (no sharing of class sets). These sets will be sanitized between classes.

·         Keyboards will be sanitized between classes.

·         Activities will be modified to limit or eliminate the need to touch other class members.

·         Keyboard placement will be such that students remain 6 ft. apart.

·        Traditionally, LPM classes utilize a listening area and active area. During social distancing, students will remain in their designated area for all class activities. Students using the keyboard will participate in “off the bench” activities next to their keyboards.

·        Students over the age 2 and parents will be required to wear face covering from the entrance of The Music Store to the classroom. Face coverings are optional for use during class since there is adequate space for effective social distancing.

·       To limit the number of people in the studio at a time, the days parents attend may be staggered. TBD prior to class, depending class size.