Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sound Beginnings

I am so excited to be teaching the Sound Beginnings class this year.  It is the perfect class for anyone with young children.

About Sound Beginnings Classes:

Students age 0-4 may participate in any of the 6 non-sequential semesters.  There is no pre-requisite, cumulative curriculum, or required homework (fun home exercises are offered).  A younger sibling may also register and attend.  Sound Beginnings provides excellent preparation for success in Let's Play Music, or any other musical endeavors.

Classes Held: Once a week for 4 months,The fall semester begins in August and the Spring Semester begins in January. Each semester has 15 lessons.

Class Location: Marie teaches at her home studio near Guadalupe and the 101 Freeway (Price Rd)

Class Size and Duration:  8-10 children per class.  Sound Beginnings classes are 30 minutes long

Parent Participation:
A parent, grandparent, or caregiver attends every week with the SB student.
Younger siblings may register to attend the SB class. All children attending Sound Beginnings Classes must be registered for the class.

If you are looking for information about the philosophy, curriculum, and foundations of Sound Beginnings, head on over to the  corporate website.

SB Tuition is fer family
Single Student (age 0-4)  $150/semester
*Can choose 4 monthly payments or $40

Family Rate (up to 3 siblings): $200/semester

*Can choose 4 monthly payments of $55

Tuition Due: Tuition is due at the beginning of the semester, and can be split into 4 monthly payments due the first class of each month, if needed.

SB Materials: $35 per semester per family (plus AZ tax). This includes a workbook, CD, and small rhythm instrument. Extra workbooks ($10) and extra instruments ($5) may be purchased for additional siblings in the class. It is highly recommended that each child have their own instrument (ages 1+ ) and their own workbook (for siblings are 2+)

Missed Classes:  There are no refunds or make-ups for missed classes. Weekly emails and the parent handbook will help you know what was missed and what to practice if you do miss.

Contact Marie Guthrie:    
Phone: 602-405-7800